Hello there! Welcome to my workshop, my wordsmithy, or otherwise, my place of writing! Let me show you around.

Over here, you see, I have several works-in-progress. The first and foremost of these is the Hanesion House trilogy. I am currently in the eighth chapter of that, and about 32,000 words in. Here is my brief summary of the plot:

"Owen Smith, a fifteen-year-old brother of five, discovers that his parents have disappeared while on a business trip. To complicate things, two governmental agents plan on taking them to an Institutional orphanage. However, a hasty deal with the agents sends them to an old family home in the next county, with their British uncle acting as guardian. Owen must lead his siblings, and make this new life work for them. But very peculiar things begin happening--is it sabotage, or something stranger?"

Very well, it's not quite a back-cover copy. But that's a brief summary for you. I'm guessing it's family fantasy, for the genre, with a bit of mystery mixed in? In any case, I quite like the characters (there are many). And it is getting exciting now (I say this while looking at Chapter Seven). Perhaps I'll update the summary to befit a back cover copy once I've gotten a little further along.

I'm also working on a few radio scripts. That would be the Candy Pirates (the second of that name), The White Door (a Christmas story: snow included), Hero Seeker (an episode of the Nate and Abi Show), HOBACH (actually a sort of sci-fi adventure with robots), and a time travel story called There and Back in Time. Okay, maybe not so few, but I doubt I'll get many of them done soon. However, we may be hearing the first of the Candy Pirates episodes sometime this year.

Plus there are a few short stories. Most of these are rather random, and are just for fun. I may publish them one day, but right now my focus is elsewhere. These range from ghostly legends to Wodehousian capers, and all over the place. I may post one for Halloween, or special occasions. I have a few I once entered into Clubhouse Magazine (related to Adventures in Odyssey, an excellent radio show I've listened to), but they never got in.

Oh, and there's also a little book called Adventures of a Homeschooled Pirate and its companion, Pirates are Homeschooled. Those are children's books, the latter being for kindergartner and perhaps first grade ages, and the former for... oh, along the lines of Magic Tree House books, I suppose. You may hear from those later on.

Now then, you've seen glimpses of my unfinished things (some of them, mind you: there are several I've not even mentioned yet for times' sake). How about I let you know about something finished? I'm sorry if this space is a little small, but I'm a rather slow writer. Besides, I have a certain Blog Spot to tend to, and it does necessitate weekly posts.

If you'll just follow me... here we are! First would be my entry for the Five Poisoned Apples contest. And I have settled on a title too: Princess of the Seventh Star. I did a post about it a little earlier in 2017, if you'd like the first scene. An adventurer named Carter Prince sets out on a quest after receiving a mysterious message. Set in the vast reaches of the star-powdered heavens, I'd say Carter gets a great deal more wonder, adventure, battle, and romance than he expected!

Let me see, what else have I finished? Well, some of the short stories are done (mostly the Clubhouse ones). I finished Pirates are Homeschooled. And that... would be it. I think. I have some things in several different computers, so I might have more finished than I thought. But that's about it. As I said, a small section of my workshop.

Ah, well, the trials of a writer. So many people inside your head, just busting to get out and find a world of their own. They won't leave me alone! However, I'm glad Carter Prince, Ardeena, Invidia, and Theron all found their way into the Septimon System at last. (See link above). And, I've sent them to the editors at Rooglewood Press to tell their story. They're returning in April--hopefully, with success. Next, let's see if I can get the Smiths settled into Hanesion House.

Snippets will likely be forthcoming, if you wish to see them! And now, I must get to work. These stories won't write themselves! But, say--if any of you readers happen to be fellow wordsmiths and world-crafters, perhaps I'll give you a few sources of inspiration. Firstly, this site:


     A site solely to give advice to young writers. I've found it rather helpful, and fun too! (Character Archetypes is pretty fun for me, to figure out certain things about... well, characters.)


     This article is one of my favorites. Every time I read it, I get inspired to write, and to finish. Get all those people out of my head, and into their own worlds. If you happen to scroll through the comments section, you'll run across an appearance by the famous John C. Wright. April Freeman is a talented writer, and this is one of the most inspiring things I've ever read.


     Another inspirational article, but more recently discovered. People remember stories. "And we, as writers, have the power to write those stories. We have that power in our fingers, in our brains, in the ideas we come up with in the middle of the night. We can write things that will touch people--things that they will remember." That is a post that makes me want to write stories like that.


     A very helpful series of posts on characters, by the lovely and talented Miss Savannah Grace. She wrote the previous post as well. Click on the other links as well: keep an eye out for spoilers, though. There are a few. Quite fun posts all around. Good tips. I've used them often.

And now I'm done. Goodbye for now!

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