Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Welcoming Introductory Debut Post

     Greetings, my friend! Welcome to my blog, St. George Academy with Grace!

     May I interest you in some writing? I have all sorts of things in here. Over here is a collection of SCHOOL PROJECTS--history, and literature, and even a few other things from the pages of Omnibus and Ron Paul Curriculum. Some of these even date back to the days of long ago: 2013! I--I'm afraid they're rather out of order, but I'm sure I'll be able to fix that...someday.

     Or if that fails to interest you, perhaps these will catch your eye. A collection of original works, not yet completed. Many things are to be found here, from fantasy to mystery and beyond. The author (who does not wish to be named, but does bear a striking resemblance to myself, along with sharing the exact same name), wishes to hear of your thoughts on her writings, so do leave a little note. And please allow me to inform you of a certain pastime of these parts, called 'Yelling at Culture'. This activity involves writing articles on, or simply discussing, matters pertaining to culture, and particularly, well, the more erroneous aspects of it. Unlike Yelling at Passersby, it is very pointed, and more comprehensive by far--most of the time.

     And, ah yes, that leads me to the next bit. Perhaps you're not looking for any of that. I also have included a number of articles on the workings of other writers in word and in image, visual and verbal. In short, reviews. Reviews of films--along with its smaller-screened successor, TV shows--and of course, reviews of books. And there are also occasionally reviews of another medium--perhaps you still listen to it?--radio shows. And audio dramas, of course: I'm not terribly picky. Since there are quite a lot of children on the physical end of this blog, you must not be surprised if there are a great many children's books, films, and TV and radio shows being reviewed.

     What's that, you say? This is a blog, not a bookshop? How very observant of you!

     Yes, you've caught me. And I must admit this is not the style in which all of my blog posts will be written, either. But one certainly couldn't blame me for making an interesting impression first!

     But now, a word of--shall we say--caution. This place has a very specific air about it. It is a fortress and a stronghold, however small, for the Last Crusade, and the Last Crusade consists of "all who hold true faith within the majesty of truth; the impartiality of reason; the objectivity of reality; the authority of virtue; the verity of beauty; the dignity of man; the equality of the law; the love of patriots; and we hold faith with Christ."

     In short, if you are a Leftist, an atheist, a feminist, or someone who makes a hobby of being triggered--and unless you would be glad to listen to a different point of view, and use your own logic and point of view to contest what you still find to disagree with--then you may as well leave now.

     Silly me! I haven't introduced myself! I am a Christian, Southern, homeschooled girl, who is growing to become a Lady. One who believes in magic, and who loves the old things. One who lives for the furthering of Christendom, and who is not afraid to offend. And my name is Grace.

     Will you stay awhile? If so, elen sila 'lummen omentielvo, and howdy-do, to you!