Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Mid-Week Music #2 - Aliens and Strangers

I'm back again! Today, I have a song by DeGarmo and Key, called Aliens and Strangers.

Sunday morning, the pews are filled with friends of mine
Yeah, friends of mine
And for the first time, I look around and I realize
I realize

My closest friends are aliens and strangers
Travelers here, living with danger
My closest friends are aliens and strangers
Travelers here, living with danger

I used to wonder why they act so strange
Now I know, yeah, now I know
I heard the preacher say this world we're in
Is not our home, it's not our home


They're pilgrims just passing through
Heroes away from their homeland
And since I've discovered the truth
I look at my friends
And I can't help but think that
All of my friends, they're aliens
Just passing through, yeah, they're aliens...

I remember when I first heard that song. The idea that we're aliens really captured my imagination. I even worked it into a poem I wrote once. (More on that anon).

It occurs to me now that you can't help being an alien to one thing or another. "That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world..." Ephesians 2:12. Now we are aliens to the worldliness that fills our culture, and our own Middle Earth.

But you see, that's where most people misinterpret things. Some people take this to mean we are aliens to this world, this earth, and heaven is where we're really supposed to be. But that isn't so. Why would we be 'taking dominion over the earth' if we were not supposed to abide in it?

We're not supposed to be disembodied spirits floating around in the ether. Even heaven won't be our permanent home. Yes, it will be wonderful. But when we die, and join the cloud of witnesses, we will be watching and waiting for Mankind, through the grace and power of God, to bring about heaven on earth. And when all has been done, then, and only then, will Christ bring everything back together, and the Resurrection will finally come to be.

We are not aliens and strangers to our world, to Tellus, to this Middle Earth, but to the evil that has taken it over. Our homeland is a perfect world, and that just isn't here. So we are taking it back from those who have invaded it. Our enemies are dangerous. They don't mess around. And so we are engaged in a war, a Last Crusade, against them. The fate of an entire planet, and its people, is at stake.

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